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NHS is....

Needham High School Is...

Challenge: Complete the sentence "Needham High School is ________________" and use Photoshop to transform the photo provided above of NHS to represent your sentence.

For example, "Needham High School is being held up by aliens" You would then find various images, as well as add colors to 
create a scene that represents NHS being held up by aliens.

Limitations: YOU CANNOT USE GOOGLE IMAGES. (due to copyright restrictions & licenses on other artists' work, you can only use free 
image sites) Use the free websites found in the Reflections & Resources section of this website!

Your grade/credit for this project is your sheer creativity and exploration! Go crazy and wild with this mini 1-2 day project and explore with what Photoshop can do for you. Any design is fine as long as it doesn't look intentionally messy, and you have really tried to consider creating clean edges for all collaged images and colorings. 

Take a screenshot of your image and upload it to the class site: HERE!