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The Server

RM 809 Server & How to access the server

How to access the server:

  • On the top of the desktop go to the 'GO' menu. (GO > Connect to server)
  • Ensure that the correct server address is entered into the bar. (see image below for correct address)
  • Click connect

  • The name and password will be saved, so just click connect again when you see this screen below.

  • It will then ask you what volumes you'd like to open or mount. You want RM809, then click ok.


This icon will appear on the desktop once you have successfully opened or mounted the server.*

* Check the desktop for this icon when you log in, you may not have to mount the server, as it is already opened on the desktop.

  • When you open the server itself, you'll see several teacher's names on folders. Your folder is in the Briggs Photo folder.

  • In the Briggs folder you'll see two more folders: Class Folder and Finished work folder.
  • The Class Folder is where you will be storing your work. This will act as a back up incase anything happens to the computer station you normally work on and so I can access your work from my computer station.
  • The Finished Work Folder is where you will hand in work.