Steps for making a print:

1.) Set up your enlarger: place the negative in the negative carrier, focus the image on the framing easel, set the aperture to f/8 and set the timer for 5 seconds.

2.) Test Strip 1: 5 second increments
(If the strip comes out too light or too dark, change the aperture and do another 5 second test strip I had to change my aperture to f/16.)

3.) Look at the 5 second test strip to determine the next time. For example, here my test strip looks good between 10 & 15 seconds. So I'm going to expose the whole strip for 8 seconds, and then do 1 second increments so I get to see what 9, 10, 11, 12,13 seconds look like.

4.) In the example above 9 seconds is too light and 10 is a bit light too, 11 & 12 seconds look good and 13 looks a little dark in the dark areas. So lets make a test strip that's 11 seconds and one that's 12 seconds.

5.) Looks like 12 seconds shows more rich darks and looks less grey all around. So now we can make a print. Make sure that you line up the paper in the framing easel to ensure crisp even borders.