Visual Find

Assignment: Shoot a photograph where the visual elements seen through the lens become the driving force or content of the photo.
(The visual elements are: line, contrast, shadow, light, shape, color, pattern, texture, form... Do Not get these confused with the Compositional Guidelines!!!)

Dimensions: Two Digital Photographs - A minimum of 50 draft exposures

Standards & Criteria:
Design, Layout, and Composition (DLC)

• Allow the visual elements and devices—for example, line, texture, pattern, shape, form, light/shadow, contrast etc.—become the most important aspect of the photograph

• Demonstrate an understanding of the Composition Guidelines.

Methods, Tools, and Techniques (MTT)

• A minimum of 50 exposures with 2 final photographs.

• Download photographs using iPhoto, and organize them in the Visual Find Folder in your space on the server (be sure to also backup your server space in the Documents area of the computer)

• Consider to brightness & contrast, color balance, and cropping in Adobe Photoshop.

Critique and Reflection (CR)

• Throughout the process, when shooting, choosing final photographs, and working in Photoshop, reflect upon your work and align your intentions with the final photographs.

• Give appropriate and constructive feedback to your peers.

No water fountains, telephone poles, or straight portraiture/figures

Considerations/Art Problems:    
1. The lens must become an extension of your eye, so what you see is what you get (and give to the viewer)
2. Explore distance and proximity—how can getting close (or far) rearrange and influence the visual?
3. Consider devices such as framing and unusual perspectives

Key Vocabulary:         
Visual elements: basic elements (structures) of visual arts
Composition Guidelines: Simplicity, The Rule of Thirds, Lines, Balance, Framing, and Mergers
Framing: to enclose in a frame or framing device