Themed Photograph

Themed Photo

Assignment                 Challenge:

Shoot photographs that communicate your chosen theme.  Choose either a single photograph or a series of 2 or 3 as your final.

From here to there
Sharp curves ahead
Creating a world
Captured in time
The end
Toothaches and heartaches
The photo that changed the world
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
In progress
Financial crisis
Rain delay
Secret passages
Common ground


1-3, digital images

Note:  More is not always better!  Sometimes it is even more difficult to communicate your point in a single photograph (just as it can be difficult to tell a story in just a few words).  You will be graded on the quality of your single photo or series and not on the amount of photos that you turn in!

  1. Communication and Expression
    • Solve the problem in a thoughtful manner—Shoot photographs that communicate your chosen theme
    • The setting of the photograph is relevant to your concept and adds to the photograph in a successful manner
    • Choose your signifiers carefully, adding to the intent and the narrative of the piece
  2. Design, Layout, and Composition
    • Consider your point of view, placement/juxtaposition of objects, space, and people adding to the intent of the piece
    • Create a visual entry point for the viewer
    • Consider the visual balance of your print, including a balance of light to dark, small to large, and areas of complexity to areas of visual rest
  3. Materials, Tools, and Craftsmanship
    • Superior technical quality: 
    • good, solid exposure 
    • rich darks, bright whites, and range of middle grays (use filters when necessary)
    • clear focus
    • well framed borders
    • dirt- and dust-free
    • consideration to brightness and contrast, color balance, and cropping
Sources & Examples:
Blayne In Wonderland