Spell It

Assignment: Shoot a series of photographs each containing a letter constructed by the objects in the photo. the series of photographs will spell out a word or name.

Dimensions: A series of digital photographs.

-DO NOT use color to highlight the letters.
-Avoid taking pictures of written letters.

Design, Layout, and Composition

A letter is visible and constructed by the objects in the photo.  

The letter appears as the subject and main focal point of the photograph.

The series of photographs spells out a word or name.

Demonstrate an understanding of visual devices, including the Composition Guidelines, positive and negative shape relationships, visual balance, emphasis points, contrast, surface activity, and tension

Design choices should be intentional, not random

Methods, Tools, and Techniques

Demonstrate focus, clarity, proper borders and alignment, suitable color, rich darks, bright whites, and value gradations in between with your final photograph.

Good exposure must be achieved by finding a suitable exposure combination for your surroundings – show evidence of bracketing!

Take a minimum of 60 photos to achieve a series of final photographs.

Use Adobe Photoshop to manipulate the photograph giving consideration to brightness, contrast, color balance, and cropping.

Critique and Reflection

Reflect upon your work and align your intentions with the final photographs.

Give appropriate and constructive feedback to your peers

Considerations/Art Problems: 1.    Avoid the most obvious solutions.