The Selected

An exploration of depth of field.

Assignment: Shoot a photograph where one part of the photograph is emphasized for a specific reason in order to tell a narrative, manipulating the aperture to achieve a narrow depth of field. You must utilize a persona prop for this assignment

Dimensions: One digital photograph, 20 drafts

Communication and Expression
  • The emphasized portion of the photograph must act as a clue to the content of the photograph, allowing viewers to read the narrative correctly

Design, Layout, and Composition
  • A portion of the photograph is emphasized through the use of a small depth of field
  • There is a clear distinction about what is emphasized (focused, clear) vs. what is not
  • Demonstrate an understanding of visual devices, including the Composition Guidelines, positive and negative shape relationships, visual balance, emphasis points, contrast, surface activity, and tension
  • Design choices should be intentional, not random

Methods, Tools, and Techniques
  • Good exposure must be achieved by changing the shutter to adjust to a larger lens opening (small f/number)
  • Take a minimum of 35 photos to achieve one final photographs.

Critique and Reflection
  • Reflect upon your work and align your intentions with the final photographs.
  • Give appropriate and constructive feedback to your peers


A personal prop must be used.  We see it all the time.

Considerations/Art Problems:
  1. Do not use meaningless objects; rather, make careful, considered choices in creating your image and content
  2. Explore distance and proximity—how can getting close (or far) rearrange and influence the visual?
  3. Attempt to set up a relationship between the blurred and focused areas of the photograph to strengthen your narrative.

Key Vocabulary: Narrative: a story

Depth of field: zone of acceptable sharpness extending in front of and behind the point on the subject which is exactly focused by the lens