Photo Montage

What is a photomontage? A photomontage is an assemblage or collage made by joining together many photographs or parts of photographs. The technique can be used to approximate a seamless-looking, large photograph but is most often used more expressively to create works that play with shifting aspects of space, time, light & color.

Assignment: Using digital cameras and Photoshop software, create one photomontage.

• Montage 1   - compose a realistic, seamless image   OR

• Montage 2  - compose a creative, experimental image

Dimensions: One digital file (with a minimum of 16 photographs collaged together), 25 draft photos

  • Places or objects should be the focus of your images, not people.
  • Each montage will be composed of at least 4 rows and 4 columns of overlapping photographs.
  • You must use your camera in manual mode.


Communication & Expression

  • You chose interesting subjects or used the photomontage technique to impart interest to otherwise uninteresting subjects.
  • You combined your individual photos into fun, informational, or thought-provoking images.
  • Your stylistic approach is consistent within your photomontage (whether you were
    trying to accurately recreate a single, seamless photograph or exploring the large range of creative possibilities of the photomontage technique or working somewhere in between).

Methods, Tools, and Techniques

  • You practiced “framing techniques” to insure that your photographs overlapped appropriately and often enough to create a continuous image.
  • You used a digital camera in manual mode to take photographs.
  • You used Adobe Photoshop to assemble individual photographs into a photomontage, creating layers to allow manipulation of individual photos.
  • You printed out your final photomontages on a color printer.

Design, Layout & Composition

  • You thought about compositional guidelines such as simplicity, rule of thirds, balance, line, framing, mergers, etc.
  • Your photomontages are composed of at least 4 rows and 4 columns of overlapping photographs.