Photo Cubism

Assignment:       Photo-cubism

Challenge: Manipulate a photograph from your portfolio to create a new work of art inspired by the Cubist movement.
Directions:   In Adobe Photoshop use the Rectangular Marquee  
Tool on the toolbar to copy and paste portions of the photograph.  Explore changing the scale, color, and position of these new layers to create a new work of art with Cubist influence.

One digital file

2-3 class periods

Design, Layout, and Composition

Demonstrate an understanding of visual devices, including positive and negative shape relationships, point of view, visual balance, emphasis points, contrast, framing and tension, and juxtaposition

Create a new work of art that includes cubist qualities.

Methods, Tools, and Techniques

•  Demonstrate a quality use of selection tools, color manipulation, layering, movement, and scaling in Adobe Photoshop to create a final piece with high craftsmanship.

You must only use a photograph (or combination of photographs) taken by you.  You may either shoot a new photograph OR use one of your draft photos.

Key Vocabulary/   
Considerations: Cubism: (read the article included with this handout)

Research Cubist art and Pablo Picasso on the internet to expand your knowledge of Cubist art and find inspiration for your own work.

Example of Photo-cubism assignment

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