Panoramic Photomerge

Assignment: Panoramic Photomerge: Wide-angle photography

Shoot 5-9 photographs and use the photomerge tool in Photoshop to assemble the photographs into one final panoramic piece. Click here to View tutorial

A minimum of 20 draft photographs and 5-6 final digital photographs that are merged to create one final product.

Design and Composition 
  • An appropriate open space was chosen to display in this wide-angle photograph
  • The entire area is captured in the final “print” and an understanding of visual devices, including positive and negative shape relationships, visual balance, emphasis points, contrast, surface activity, and tension are demonstrated
Methods, Tools, and Techniques
  • A minimum of 20 draft photos were taken and minimum of 5 pictures were merged to create the final photograph.
  • All “draft” photos and you final photograph are in your “Panoramic” folder.
  • The photomerge tool in Adobe Photoshop was used to merge the photographs into one panoramic photograph
  • Consideration was give to overlapping from photo to photo and the final is seamless with no indication of the individual photos
  • Adobe Photoshop was used to manipulate the photograph giving consideration to brightness, contrast, color balance, and cropping.
  •  Your final photograph demonstrates focus, clarity, alignment, rich darks, bright whites, and value gradations in between
Considerations/Art Problems:
  1. Step back from your subject matter
  2. Give consideration to overlapping photographs
  3. Put in the time!  Re-shoot if you need to.

Key Vocabulary:

Panoramic: an unobstructed view extending in all directions, especially of a landscape