Assignment: Motion Photograph: An exploration of motion in photography

Challenge: Shoot a photograph that captures motion in both a frozen and blurred style.

Dimensions: A minimum of 50 draft photographs and 2 final digital photographs.


  1. Design, Layout, and Composition  

-The props or objects included must help the viewer understand your personal point of view, allowing them to read the image clearly

-The content of the photo should be how your feelings are interpreted

-Demonstrate an understanding of visual devices, including positive and negative shape relationships, visual balance, emphasis points, contrast, surface activity, and tension

  1. Methods, Tools, and Techniques

-Your photograph should demonstrate either blurred motion (slow shutter speed) or frozen action (fast shutter speed)

-A minimum of 20 photos were taken to achieve one final photograph.

-All “draft” photos and you final photograph are in your “Motion” folder.

-Adobe Photoshop was used to manipulate the photograph giving consideration to brightness, contrast, color balance, and cropping.

- Your final photograph demonstrate focus, clarity, alignment, rich darks, bright whites, and value gradations in between

-The way that the photograph is presented corresponds to what you, the photographer, want people to gain from the image

Considerations/Art Problems:
  1. Get close to your subject matter, or make sure that the background and foreground relationship is strong (the background adds to the overall image, not simply included)
  2. Bring in specific props—don’t rely on the school settings to get all your imagery
  3. Consider using a tripod for shutter speeds under 1/30 to avoid camera shake
Key Vocabulary:

Foreground: objects, items, or figures closest to the camera/photographer

Background: objects, items, or figures farthest from the camera/photographer