Kara Walker Project


The Kara Walker Project: Representing a Lack of Power:

Create one Photoshop file representing an issue on which you feel that you (or some people your age) are not given power or control over.  


You may choose to alter digital photographs, scan cut black paper or other objects, and/or use Adobe Photoshop to create or manipulate final product.

Communication & Expression
  • Photogram or digital image includes a silhouette of an image addressing the subject of feeling or being powerless…viewers can understand or “get it”
  • You worked hard to create an original or interesting image, one that is unique.
Design, Layout, & Composition
  • There is a definite, positive/negative relationship within the image using the silhouette
  • The image is visually balanced, not having everything be in the center with a great deal of empty space around it
  • The contrast in the piece has great visual impact – there is a definite rich black and bright white

Methods, Tools, and Techniques
  • Your image is focused and sharp because you used the right materials and set things up properly
  • There is a strong contrast present in your image
  • Adobe Photoshop was used to consider presentation and craftsmanship
  • Attention was given to brightness, contrast, color balance (if applicable), and cropping.

  1. No text or words may be used
  2. Final product must be done in silhouette
Things to consider
  • How does it feel to be powerless? How can you show that feeling?  
  • What are the advantages of making a silhouette?
Key Vocabulary
silhouette: a likeness cut from dark material and mounted on a light ground
issue: a vital or unsettled matter