Assignment:    Add color to black and white photographs.

Dimensions:    Two digital files

Directions:  In Adobe Photoshop de-saturate two of your photographs.  Using layers, color selection, the brush tool, art history brush, layer modes and opacity add color to the photographs.  You may either use existing draft photographs, or you may take new photographs for this project.

Go crazy with one photograph.  Completely color the photograph using different colors that the original.  Your goal is to make the colors look as authentic as possible.

For the second photograph your focus shifts to the composition.  Use the color to emphasize an aspect or a part of the photograph.

Design, Layout, and Composition

•    Uses color to emphasize an aspect of the photograph. (This is only relevant to the photograph that you colored a portion of to emphasize the subject.)

Methods, Tools, and Techniques

•    Added authentic looking color to the photograph.

•    Demonstrated a quality use of the layers palette, color selection, brush tool, layer modes, and opacity.

•    Used Photoshop to create a final piece with high craftsmanship.

Limitations: You must use your photographs you have taken during this course.

Key Vocabulary/Considerations: Emphasis, layers palette, desaturate, lasso tool, color selection, history brush tool, brush tool, layer modes, and opacity.