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Course Objectives

This course gives students an introduction to shooting, processing, printing black and white photographs, and digital enhancing and manipulation. Students begin with the fundamentals, including how manual cameras work and understanding exposure.  Students are introduced to both darkroom skills and Adobe Photoshop tools through a series of smaller assignments.   After this, the students engage in creating a series of photographs that require them to manipulate the camera to solve specific challenges.  When not shooting, processing, or in the darkroom, in class assignments strengthen students' design and conceptual skills.  The work of several photographers will be introduced throughout the course.  A daily journal and sign out of equipment is required.

Your attendance record appears on your report card and absences make it difficult to complete class work on time.  If you are absent, you will probably need to stay after school or during a study or lunchtime in order to make up the workÑschedule a time with me.  We are so dependent on the equipment in the classroom for this class you will need to not just be here, but to effectively use each class period.  Do not risk falling behindÑyou donÕt want to fight for an enlarger around a major deadline.

Come into the studio, check the board for notes and get right to work.  Complete all class and homework assignments on time and in high quality.  Late work will affect your professionalism grade and subsequently your final grade. Any work not handed in will significantly affect your professionalism grade. Any on-time assignment can be reworked during the semester to receive a higher grade. In this course, deadlines will be extremely important-stay up to date or risk extreme stress later!  

Listening carefully, cleaning up our space, participating in class discussions and being positive and honest in your comments all assist in helping to make the photo studio a safe and pleasant place. You are expected to respect all equipment and supplies provided to you by the NHS Art Department. You are also required to take full responsibility for helping to maintain the classroom and darkroom facilities. This involves putting away supplies and helping to set up and clean up the room we work in. Failure to do so will lead to after school detention where you will clean areas selected for you by the teacher.  We simply ask that you respect the space, the equipment, the materials, and each other.

Focus on art and thinking/writing about it, and making it--when you enter the studio. You are required to have a thin notebook in order to keep a daily journal for this class.  When you come into the studio, check the board for the day's journal entry and settle down into completing it right away.  These will be checked periodically.  You will have a space to keep your journal in the studio.

Do not throw anything away!  Even studies and 'mistakes' are sometimes great beginnings.  Save all of your work, including test strips, rejected prints, mistakes and final photographs.  

Photo can be very challenging. We can often help each other or discover a better way to do something. Please share your knowledge and discoveries with your classmates. As a reminder, however, plagiarism is not tolerated in this class, and all artwork must be entirely your own. We are here to help each other, but not to do each other's work. This class should be an opportunity for you to express yourself in original and creative ways, please take advantage of this opportunity.
                Your grades will directly reflect your achievement in the following standards:
                        - Communication and Expression
                        - Design Layout, and Compositionc.      
                        - Methods, Tools, and Techniquesd.      
                        - Critique and Reflection2.     
                        - Professionalism
                 Photo assignments, in-class assignments, journal entries, reflections, critiques, and presentations will assist in assessing each student's achievement in each standard of learning
                NOTE:  A student's Professionalism grade will suffer with late or missing assignments, improper care of equipment and materials, inability to stay on task, and as stated in the rubric

I am happy to provide extra help in and out of class time.  Just ask that's why I'm here. Sometimes the required work cannot be accomplished completely during class.  Due to limited space, darkroom use will have to be alternated with other students in this class. You may find it necessary to spend additional time in the darkroom before or after school.

1 Hard cover 3 ring binder (minimum 1 inch thick)
1 Folder with pockets
1 thin note book
1 Black or Blue sharpie
2 sheet protectors with 3 hole punch (optional)