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Compositional Guidelines

There are 6 compositional guidelines: Simplicity, The Rule of Thirds, Lines, Balance, Framing & Mergers.

Look for ways to give the center of interest in your pictures the most visual attention. One way is to select uncomplicated backgrounds that will not steal attention from your subjects.

Rule of Thirds
A guide in the off-center placement of your subjects.


Lines also play an important role in composition. The picture below is much more dynamic because of the strong diagonal lines.


Achieving good balance is another one of our guidelines for better picture composition. Think about the camera viewpoint and subject placement carefully to create a well-balanced photograph.


Have the center of interest with objects in the foreground. This can give a picture the feeling of depth it needs to make it more than just another snapshot.


Avoiding mergers is our sixth guideline for better composition. When an object interferes with what we are seeing.