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Mrs. Briggs Artwork

The focus of my most recent work is on portraits, but the un-portrait. I've done a series of images from my wedding ( or it could be anyone's wedding as the images are ambiguous ) in which the person in the image is doing something awkward or unbecoming. This plays on the idea of the wedding portrait and how we have some not so great moments of this special day too. The medium I've been working in recently is wood cut. This is a process where you carve away the wood in certain areas to create your image and then roll ink on the wood and run the wood through a press to print your image.

Father & Son
Wood cut - Ink on paper, sewn buttons
11 x 14

This image is of my father-in-law walking my husband down the isle. This is a special moment in the wedding ceremony as the groom (& bride) enter. Most of the time they are so nervous they forget how special a moment it is. In this image my husband looked as if he was going to throw up, as his dad helps him down the isle.

Wood cut - Ink on paper, String, Tulle
11 x 14

Wood cut - Ink on paper, sewn buttons & tulle
11 x 14

The Kiss
Jigsaw Wood Cut - Ink on paper, Chine-colle
20 x 26

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