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Challenge Yourself

Adobe Illustrator Challenges

Challenge #1:

Create a character - sketch, draw, design him/her and use Illustrator to bring your character to life. Check out Chris Leavens characters he makes in Illustrator, one of them is pictured here on the left.

Challenge #1A) Put your character in an environment. Where would he/she live, visit, work. Draw it using Illustrator.

Challenge #2:

Create a travel poster for a fictional place or event. One you've read about in your favorite book, or a book from school. Do not copy anyone's interpretation that's already out there. CREATE you're own work with your own vision of the fictitious place!

Challenge #3:
Movie Prop:
Lots of things need to be graphically designed for movies from book covers, to tickets, to signage, to passports or anything to help show that the actor has a real piece of that world with them. Design a prop from a movie aka, a bus ticket, newspaper, passport, etc. that would could be used by an actor in that movie. Do not copy anything that already exists, create your own work with your own version/interpretation of the item. 

Adobe Photoshop Challenges
Challenge #1:

Darwin Challenge
Find two animals on the internet and create your own animal by combining features from each animal. Your new animal should look real, with well blended imagery from the two images. Name your animal.

Challenge #2: Landscaping Challenge
You've been hired to sell this house and the first thing you need to do is landscape! This luxury home could be sold quickly if it had a little nicer yard. So go to it, but make note as you're choosing your shrubs, grass, trees, repaving the driveway etc., as to how much you've spent as you want to ensure you're going to make money on this deal when the house sells. The current market value for this house 'as is' is 900,000 and your commission is 3%. If you do a good job on the landscaping the house could sell for more than market value. As the old saying goes, you've got to spend money to make money!

Challenge # 3: Infomercial Challenge
Create an infomercial print ad that sells a new product that's just out on the market. Use a photo of yourself in the ad and before and after photos of you  to show how great this new product works.  The product could be, but is not limited to, weight loss/gain, plastic surgery, acne, etc. Remember to include all the text, fine print, phone number, website, price and how to order this product!