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Measuring Your Wrapper

Measuring your Wrapper

1.) Gently take the wrapper off of the candy bar.

Be sure that you do not rip it and that it is completely in tact when you remove it. You will need the whole wrapper to get the proper measurements.

2.) Measure the length & width of the whole wrapper and write it on the back of the wrapper

3.) Measure the smaller parts: front, back, two sides & glue area

Translating your measurements to the computer

1.)  Open up a blank Adobe Illustrator document

2.)  Press “command r” so the rulers appear on the side and top

3.)  Create a rectangle using the dimensions you just measured of your wrapper (the length and width dimensions)

4.)  In the very corner where the two rulers meet (top left of the screen) is a small box. This allows you to ‘zero out’ your rulers and place where the zero begins anywhere on the screen. Click on this corner and drag it to the top left corner of your wrapper.

5.)  The rulers have guidelines that you can click and drag onto the page to help you line things up. Click and drag from the top ruler down to the first measurement from the glue area.

6.)  Continue clicking and dragging the ruler guides down until you have sectioned off your wrapper.

7.)  Add a guideline to the top and bottom of the rectangle.

8.)  Duplicate the rectangle 3 more times aligning it with the guides already in place.

Now you are set and ready to begin designing your wrappers.