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White Value Still Life Painting

Assignment:  The White Still Life in Acrylic

Challenge:  Create an acrylic painting using only white, black, and yellow ochre, translating the values that you observe in a white object still life set up using a strong                light source.  Use your three paints to mix colors that help create the value changes.

Vocabulary: VALUE; High-key and low key value; core, cast and reflected shadow; highlight, gradation, sighting, scale, proportions


    “Block out” the shapes of different shades (values) in order to see the structure of the                                     form of each object

     -Use the three--white, black, and yellow ochre--to mix in order to get RANGE of                                             different values, light through dark AND add color into your painting

    -Allow your allegience to be on seeing and observing--emphasize your value                                        relationships!



1.  Practice observation

    -Complete some quick studies in pencil or charcoal of the objects to observe its form

    -Complete two to three thumbnails, working out a strong composition

2.  Gesture and planning out the values

    -Create a rough gesture of your still life on your board in pencil, using sighting and checking your proportions and size relationships

    -”Block out” the shapes of different values as you see them

    -Make notes on color temperature and the intensity of your whites, grays, and blacks

3. Practice color mixing

4.  Structure the painting

    -Add a color for the background

    -Lay down a neutral ground to serve as the foundation

5.  Begin painting

    Match your values with your color, layering, blending, and “building up” your form

6. Complete your painting and assessment, and turn both in




Communication and Expression

    -Value realtionships are emphasized, and the translation of the form is recognized

Design and Composition

    -Composition is considered, including a visual entry and visual balance, tension                                                 through exiting off edges, contrast, and context or setting

Methods, Tools, and Techniques

    -Different values are clearly seen through the application of paint values and colors                                (values on your painting match up with values on the objects

    -The painting includes details--small areas of value changea that are still recorded to                               help give the object form

    -Color is effectively mixed and adding, giving the painting more form and “life” than                                 straight balck and white value translation

    -Proportions of the object are fairly accurate, and the painting has overall craftsmanship

 Personal Investment

    -You utilized your ime in class and stayed focused, getting your work done in a                         reasonable time frame

     -Setting high standards and helping to take care of the space