No.2 Pencil in Watercolor

Challenge: A pencil is something we look at and use everyday. Study this object, transform this everyday object and learn to see it in a new way. You must maintain the color of the traditional pencil: yellow, with black lettering and pink erasers.

Materials: No. 2 pencil (for reference), 12 x 18 drawing paper, newsprint, watercolors, brushes, water cups, India ink


Hand out no. 2 pencils. 

Look carefully at the pencil

Brainstorm a subject category to work within as a class. (People, transportation, insects, animals, sports, food, musical instruments, etc)

Sketch out 4-6 good & complete ideas & thumbnail drawings. (Think about patterns, texture, shape, etc)

Talk to Mrs. Briggs and together choose one idea that you like and think works for this assignment.

Sketch out a larger version of the final idea. Begin to include details of the pencil(s).

Sketch out LIGHTLY on 12” x 18” drawing paper your final design. Include all details of the pencil, again LIGHTLY.

DEMO: India Ink

Go over the final drawing in India ink.

DEMO: Watercolor

Practice the different watercolor techniques on scrap paper provided. (Keep these for later use!)

Decide which technique you think will be best for your drawing (which one you are good at and which one goes best)

Begin adding watercolor to your final drawing. 

Remember: Start with the lightest colors & washes gradually getting darker and darker. 

You may only be able to work on one coat each class, as the paper can only handle so much water. Work carefully, do not rush. This medium is tricky to control.

Complete your work by signing your name and date and filling out the rubric.

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