Negative Space

Negative Space Chair Collage

Challenge: Using the collage technique, create a composition of the negative space you see when looking at the chair still life.

Vocabulary: Negative space: is the space around and between the subject(s) of an image.

 Materials: Black paper, white paper, pencil, glue sticks, scissors, still life


1.)  Move your chair around the still life to get an interesting view. Really look at the space between the objects before deciding where to sit!

2.)   Gather your materials: You will receive a black piece of paper and a bunch of white scrap pieces of paper, a pair of scissors, a pencil and a glue stick.

3.)   Look at the still life. Look at the shapes that the spaces in between the objects make. Close one eye and look at the still life, this will help it look flat so you can see all the negative shapes better.

4.)   Sketch out the negative space or shapes, thinking about composition (where the shapes will go within the page)

5.)   Cut out one of the negative shapes and placing it on your black piece of paper.

6.)   Continue to cut out the negative space shapes with the white paper and place it on the black paper (arranging it so the negative space begins to look like the objects in the still live)

7.)   Once you have all of the shapes cut out and arranged, glue them down.







#3: Methods, Tools, and Techniques





q      You choose an interesting angle of the still life to use for your collage

q      You have used negative space to create your chair collage

q      You have neatly cut out and glued down the white paper to the black paper.

q      The chair is the center of focus, not the white paper, sketch lines or lack of neat ness


Scale: 7 – Mastery • 6 – Proficient • 5 – Needs Improvement • 4 – Does Not Meet Expectation