Modified Contour

The Orange Metamorphosis Series with Texture    

Challenge:  Create a series of three detailed, well-composed, modified contour drawing of oranges from observation using sharpie marker.  The emphasis should be on your use of line and textures, composing your subject matter, and observing the physical change of the oranges.  Ground your drawings by placing them in space with a foreground and background relationships.

Considerations: -Your textures must be translated through your type of line and line thickness in this
drawing:—how can you make it rich in visual texture while still keeping a smooth, continuous contour?

-PRACTICE through studies and maintain strong composition for this drawing, including
        -an emphasis point or visual lead-in
        -visual balance of light to dark, big to small, and complexity to visual rest
        -tension through extension off edges (at least three sides)
        -foreground/ background relationships


LINE QUALITY.Lines are tools for communication. When an artist uses lines to define the edges of an object or to describe its surface they are like someone telling a story. A good storyteller knows that it is not just the story, but the telling of it, that makes for success. The qualities of the lines in a drawing are like the timing, vocal inflections and emphasis that a storyteller uses.
Line quality also adds interest by increasing the variety in an image.

Line quality describes the appearance of a line -- its look not its direction. Different line qualities like thick, thin, light, dark, solid, broken, colored etc. all will change how the line is interpreted in a drawing.

It is not enough to accurately delineate the edges of the objects in a drawing. You must help the viewer make sense of the information by telling what is most important, what is less important and what kind of changes are taking place as the eye moves over the surface of the objects drawn.

Don’t forget:   You must include at least three (3) textures of your subject matter in your drawings.

Media:          Three 6 x 6 white papers, pencil (gestures only!), and extra- and ultra-fine black sharpie

Standards and
Criteria:       S1: Communications/Expression (CE)
  • The careful observation and realistic translation of the subject is communicated
S2: Design, Layout, and Composition (DLC)
  • Visual and psychological weight, visual balance, emphasized areas, and tension are achieved with the considered use of line, shape, form, and edges  
  • You gave a sense of space and placement by considering your background, foreground, and middle ground.
S3: Methods, Tools, and Techniques (MTT)
  • You worked out textures, composition, and more through studies and practice drawings
  • You carefully described all the edges, details, and textures through your line
  • You line is a true contour, smooth and continuous because you limited picking up your drawing utensil (10%)
  • You attempted to work large or life size, trying to OBSERVE size relationships and proportion
  • Your allegiance should be to the observation and translation of your subject
S4: Critique and Reflection (CR)
  • You expressed intentions and process, and gave appropriate and constructive feedback to your peers.
S5: Professionalism, Process, and Studio Habits (PSH)