Blind Contour Drawing

CraZy SelF PorTrait Blind Contour Drawing


Create a large-scale self-portrait using the blind contour drawing technique. Divide the page up into 5 sections and balance the sections with 1/3 Color, 1/3 valued Patterns, and a 1/3 black -white value range.


 Pencil, 18 x 24 Drawing Paper, colored pencils, sharpie


1.  Practice several blind contour drawings of different objects (hands, shoes, stuff in your pocket, etc.)

Remember the following for your contour drawings


Record ALL the details—every nook, cranny, crevice, bump, and valley that you see along the edge

Keep ONE smooth continuous line as you don’t pick up your drawing utensil


2.  Using a mirror practice drawing several self-portraits with the blind contour technique

3.  On a large piece of paper draw a large scale self-portrait with the blind contour technique

4.  Divide the page up into a minimum of 5 sections using straight lines.

5.  Choose a color palette that describes your personality: Earth tones, Jewel tones, Opposites, Warm and cool, pastels, primary, analogous, etc….

6.  Balance each section with 1/3 color, 1/3 valued patterns, and 1/3 black-white value range.




o   CONCENTRATE ON OBSERVING YOUR SUBJECT MATTER--ABSOLUTELY NO LOOKING AT YOUR PAPER…It doesn’t matter what the end result is, this is about helping you learn to trust your eyes.

o   You must be able to see your face! It cannot be camouflaged into the background!



-The careful observation and personality translation of the subject is communicated

Design, Layout, and Composition

-Visual and psychological weight, visual balance,  emphasized areas, and tension are achieved with the considered use of line, shape, form, patterning, and color

-You gave a sense of space and placement by considering your background, foreground, and middle ground

Methods, Tools and Techniques

-Your line quality is smooth throughout the drawing--not broken or sketch-like—because you didn’t pick up your pen

-Your careful observation results in EVERY detail being recorded--every nook and cranny, etc. was recorded

Personal Investment

-You took your time, sincerely taking a risk and learning from the process you didn’t just rush through it without thinking about what you were trying to learn

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