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Screen Printing

Screen Printing Assignment

Materials: t-shirt, paint brushes, an embroidery hoop, screen printing ink, Mod Podge, curtain sheer material/tulle/old nylons, and a computer with a printer (or a good hand for drawing things).

Step 1: Preparing the Image
• Find an image you like and that has good contrast.
• Save the image as a black and white image a
• Print it out so the image is the size you want it on the t-shirt making sure that it also is not bigger than the embroidery hoop

Step 2: Preparing the ëscreení
• Pull the sheer curtain material/tulle/old nylons tight across the embroidery hoop and screwing it shut real good.
• Trace the image onto the material with a pencil with the material close to the paper, not upside down so it's far away.
• You should be able to see the pencil outline easily without squinting too hard.
• Turn the hoop over and with the glue, paint all the "negative space," (all the places you don't want ink to go, the white space).
Make sure the material isn't touching whatever surface you're working on otherwise you'll end up gluing the whole thing down, obviously.

Step 3: Printing the Design
•After the glue dries, center the image on the shirt face down, make sure you have paper inside the shirt so the ink does not bleed through to the back.  Stipple the ink through the material making sure it's fully saturated, but also making sure not to glob it all over the place.
•Carefully peel it back, wait for it to dry, and follow the "setting" directions on the ink