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Travel Collage Coptic Journal

Travel Collage Coptic Journal
Part 1: Create a collage based on travel.
Part 2: Using the collage for a cover, create and bind a journal using the Coptic binding technique.

Materials: Paper, images, glue, tracing paper, gloss medium, sponge, colored pencils

Vocabulary: Image Transfer, Transparent Layering, Opaque Layering, Signatures, Jig

Part 1 – Understanding the Collage
  • There are 4 different types of collage techniques that we will be exploring with this assignment: Transparent Layering, Opaque Layering, Image Transfer and Extending an Image.
  • There will be stations set up around the room. You will go to each station and create a miniature collage using each technique.
  • Check here when complete:
  • Once you have completed the stations. Begin thinking about what you are going to do for your design. What images of travel will you use? Begin your larger design. Use the check list to make sure you have included everything in your final design.

Part 2 - Creating the Book
  • Cut your collage in half. One half will be the front cover and one half will be the back cover.
  • Gather 2 pieces of cardboard. Round the edges of the boards.
  • Using the glue, glue the back of the collage. Place the cardboard on the collage and fold up the corners first. Then fold up the edges.
  • Cut out a piece of paper to glue down for the inside cover.
  • Place the glued covers under something heavy to make it dry flat.
  • Creating Signatures
Gather 4 pieces of paper and fold them in half. You’ll need a total of 4 of these (so 16 sheets of paper)
Now get a piece of colored paper and cut it out so that it fits around one of the groupings of paper. This is a signature. The paper should be one 3 inches long and 10 inches tall.
  • Create a template as to where you want to drill your holes. Drill holes into the signatures and covers of the book.
  • Sewing the Book
Gather 2 arm lengths of string and wax it.
Thread the needle
Open the book to the first signature and pull the thread all the way through the first hole.
 Thread the needle next around the first hole in the cover and then back through the first hole on the first signature. Do this all the way down the first signature.
On the last hole on the first signature, wrap it around the cover again and then into the second signature.
  • Next go down to the next hole in the second signature, then go around the first stitch and back through the second hole. DO NOT GO THROUGH THE HOLE IN THE COVER AGAIN.
Continue this all the way through all the holes.