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Course Objectives

¢This course is designed to cover introductory concepts and techniques in various crafts. Students are given the opportunity to have experience in some of the following activities: knitting, painting, book making, sewing & batik.
¢The class approach emphasizes individual creative handcraft pieces, using various tools and materials. Students will also have the opportunity to meet crafters first hand as well as travel to the Fuller Crafts Museum in Brockton, MA.

¢Be On Time- This class begins when the bell rings. If tardiness is a continual problem you will be given after school detention.
¢Show Respect-In a studio classroom setting, like this one, it is of great importance that you show respect for other students in the class, the instructor, the equipment and supplies, the room, and yourself. Any time you leave the crafts room you should ask first, then sign out by the door.
¢Be there, keep up with deadlines, help each other.

¢Occasionally you will get homework which entails bringing in supplies to class. You must bring inthese supplies or you cannot begin to work on the assignment and you will get behind in your work.
¢ First Supplies Needed: a pair of scissors & a glue stick.