Visual Art Society

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Who are we?
TheVisual Art Society is a newer club that was established during the2008-2009 school year.  There are so many students at NHS that have apassion for art, and so the Visual Art Society was an obvious andperfect fit! We are of all skill levels and possess a variety of artbackgrounds.

When do we meet?
Tuesdays at 2:45 in room 903.  

What do we do?
Our biggest event last year was the “Paint a Car”contest at Wellesley Toyota.  We completed against Natick and WellesleyHigh Schools in a car painting competition.  It was a lot of fun, andthe club earned a little bit of money!

What would we like to accomplish this year?
Wewould like to get more involved with the Needham High School community,students, teachers, staff, and administration, and we’d like to getmore involved in the community.  We’d like to get our work and the workof other student artists to be displayed around the school and in thecommunity.  We’d like to raise money through art auctions andfundraisers to benefit both charities and to support some of our eventsor trips.  We’d love to go on a fieldtrip, and we’d also like toschedule studio art days for students.  Maybe have live model sessionsor head to a specific location to shoot photographs!  We’d also love tohear more ideas from you.

Why should you get involved?
There are so many reasons we’d like to have you as part of our club, but here are a few of the biggies…
        You have a passion for visual art - whether creating, looking at, or both!

        We need your help to start planning some of our goals
        Express yourself!
        We want to hear your ideas… we are open to new and fun ideas.
        Why not???
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