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Hunger Terms & Statistics

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Hunger Terms

Hunger – A condition in which people do not get enough food to provide the nutrients for fully productive, active and healthy lives. People living in households where there is hunger are often forced to go without food because they cannot afford to buy it or cannot provide enough for everyone in the household.

Malnutrition – A condition resulting from inadequate consumption (undernutrition) or excessive consumption of one or more nutrients that can impair mental and physical health, and cause or be the consequence of infectious disease.

Undernutrition – A condition resulting from inadequate consumption of calories, protein and/or nutrients to meet the basic physical requirements for an active and healthy life.


Hunger Statistics

• 1.02 billion people across the world are hungry.

• Every 3.6 seconds someone dies of hunger

• Every year 15 million children die of hunger

• Every day, almost 16,000 children die from hunger-related causes - one child every five seconds.

• One out of every eight children under the age of twelve in the U.S. goes to bed hungry every night.

• Undernourishment negatively affects people’s health, productivity, sense of hope and overall well-being. A lack of food can stunt growth, slow thinking, sap energy, hinder fetal development and contribute to mental retardation.

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