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Coil Candle Holder

Coil Candleholder

Mission: Your job is to create a candleholder using the coiling technique.  You must smooth out all coils inside ensuring secure coils.  Your candleholder should include 3 different coil designs and change shape at least once.

Clay, ceramic tools

Demo: How to make coils
Practice: Make 6 coils that are exactly the same in thickness and even with not finger marks
Coil Design Contest: With the people at your table make as many different coil designs as you can. All designs must be flat on the table and have no ‘holes’ in them. So a circle is no good but a spiral of the coils is ok.
Brainstorm & come up with 5-6 different examples of shapes that you could create. Plus 5-6 different coil designs you could include in the candleholder.
Finalize one candleholder drawing. * You will be building this upside-down starting with where the candle sits. *
Get clay and wedge clay
Get out a rolling pin and two boards. Roll the clay so that it is a nice even flat slab. Using the circular template give, cut out a circle. This is going to be the top where the candle sits.
Start rolling out coils making sure they are even
Start at the base of the candleholder, working your way upward.
Once you have a few coils on your candleholder, smooth out the inside of the candleholder. This will ensure that the coils will stick together.
Continue coiling, adding in your coil designs and welding the inside together until your candleholder looks like what you had envisioned in your drawing.
Make sure that your candleholder is stable and flat on the top where the candle sits.
Place on cart to dry and get ready for the kiln

• Wedge the air out of the clay so the pot does not explode in the kiln
• Brainstorm 5-6 ideas for candleholder
• Finalize 1 idea & sketch it out completely
• Create a coil candleholder that has 3 coil designs incorporated seamlessly  
• You must smooth out all the coils inside the candleholder
• You must change the shape of the candleholder at least once. (It cant be straight up and down)
• Create a candleholder with a rhythm for the viewer to follow through the pieces as well as create a piece with good use of balance, shape, form, & pattern.
• Your coil candleholder is a unique interpretation of a candleholder.