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Animal Inspired Altered Slab Mug

Animal Inspired Altered Slab Mug
Mission: Your job is to create an altered slab mug with the incorporation of an animal into the handle. Your mug should be inspired a type of animal that you feel best represents you.

Clay, ceramic tools

  • Brainstorm & come up with 10 different examples of animals that you could incorporate into a mug.
  • Finalize one mug drawing.
  • Get clay and wedge clay
  • Flatten your clay to a 1 inch thick rectangle
  • Use the slab roller to make a slab
  • Cut out a 3.5 inch round base
  • Cut out a rectangle that will go around the base (standing up vertically)
  • Slip and score the rectangular slab to the round base (and the two ends of the rectangle together
  • Weld the seam all around
  • Slip, score, stick & weld a coil on the rectangle slab on the inside of the mug
  • Using a throwing stick, alter the shape of your mug
  • Pull your handle:
  • Get out a piece of clay, wedge it and make it onto the shape of a graduated cylinder (cone shape)
  • Get out a bucket and fill it with water
  • Wet your hand and slowly pull down on the clay
  • Continue to pull until you have a long thin piece of clay or handle for your mug
  • Cut off the handle
  • Place your handle on the mug across from the seam of the slab
  • Slip & score the handle to the mug (in all places where it touches the mug)
  • Slip & Score a reinforcing coil to the handle
  • Add your animal design to the mug
  • Carefully sketch out where your design is going to go on the mug and how you will incorporate it into the handle
  • Carve or Incise the design into the mug
  • Carve & mold your handle into the shape that goes with your animal.
  • Write your name on the bottom and today’s date and place your mug in the kiln room.
• Wedge the air out of the clay so the mug does not explode in the kiln
• Brainstorm 10 ideas for mug
• Finalize 1 idea & sketch it out completely
• Create a mug that is inspired by an animal that represents you
• Incorporate an animal into the mug and the handle
• Carve out & mold your design neatly
• Create a mug with a rhythm for the viewer to follow through the pieces as well as create a piece with good use of balance, shape, form, & pattern.