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Senior Final

Ceramics II Senior Final

Challenge: For this assignment you will be creating a functional piece using ALL of the three techniques that we have learned throughout your ceramics career here at NHS. You will have the day of the final to create your piece. Your piece should be functional, well crafted and done in a timely manner so that it is complete by the end of the period. You may not make anything that we have done in class this semester or from ceramics I.

Materials that will be provided for you: clay, slip, tools.


• What could you make that is functional that we have not made before?

• How will you incorporate all three techniques? (Slab, coil, pinch)

Sketch out 3-4 possible ideas for your piece.

Do I need to bring anything in?
        Figure out what OTHER materials you might need!

        Plan out what you are going to work on the day of the final in class to ensure that you have a finished product by the end of the period.


8:15 – 8:30:

8:30 – 8:45:


9:00 – 9:15:

9:15 – 9:30: Presentation of finished product


#1: Communication and Expression
  • You solved the problem thoughtfully, setting up an visual interpretation of a functional object
  • You tried different approaches for your solution, taking risks, and choosing ideas that weren’t trite or clichéd
  • Your design, form and shape were well thought out, planned, chosen and executed carefully, adding to the intent and not distracting
  • #2: Design, Layout, and Composition
  • You have carefully used the 3 techniques so that they support each other in structure as well as visually
  • You created a visual entry point for the viewer
  • You considered the visual balance of your pitcher
  • Your surface decoration enhances the artistic richness of the functional object
  • #3: Methods, Tools, and Techniques
  • The final piece is balanced and steady
  • Your finished piece has the 3 techniques, slab, pinch, coil, incorporated seamlessly into it
  • You have neatly smoothed out all of the seems and they are invisible where necessary
  • Your finished piece is fingerprint-, rough edge-,  tool mark-,  and crack-free

Scale: 7 – Mastery, 6 – Proficient, 5 – Needs Improvement, 4 - Does Not Meet Expectation, 0- Does Not Attempt To Meet Expectation

Senior Final Reflection
Directions: Answer the questions based on your experience making your piece.
  • What techniques did you use to create your piece?
  • How did you make these techniques work together?
  • What was the most difficult part about using three different techniques?
  • What was the easiest part about using three different techniques?
  • If you had more time to work on this piece, what would you change or do differently?