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Ceramics Relay Race

Ceramics II Final: Ceramics Relay Race
Each group member will sign up for 2-3 ‘events.’ You must go in the order of the events listed below and you may not begin your event until the person before you has completed theirs. You must be with your group at all times. You may not sign up for two events in a row.

*You get bonus spirit points (for each event) for cheering on your team as they are building their clay piece.
*All of your pieces must have something that connects them to each other, an incised design, the shape, something must tie them all together.
*When finished you will present to the class your pieces.

______________________Wheel: Set up, cone & center and
 create a bowl, vase or interesting sculpture. Trim it off the wheel,
place it on a board and hand it to the next person*

______________________ Make 10 pinch pots, place them
on the board and hand them to the next person

______________________ Roll out 15 coils, place them on the board and hand them
to the next person

______________________ Slabs: Using the rolling pin, roll out 3 slabs place them 
on the board and hand them to the next person

______________________ Pinch Pot Construction: Create a pinch pot sculpture 
using the 10 pinch pots.*

______________________Coil Structure: Using the coils,
create an every day object that you use or see in the morning
before school. *

7. ______________________ Slab construction: Functional coffee mug w/ funky handle*

Remember: the pinch pot sculpture, coil sculpture and mug w/ funky handle have to be tied together somehow…

Ceramics II Final Rubric                                                
Group Members:
____________________________,  ____________________________,

____________________________, ____________________________,

                                                                                Spirit Points

Wheel: ________                                                         __________

Pinch Pots: ______ Pinch pot sculpture: ______                          __________

Coils: _______ Coil Sculpture:_______                                   __________

Slabs:________  Slab Mug: ______ Interesting handle:_______     __________

Connection between the pieces: _____________________    _______

Place finished:         1st     2nd     3rd     4th     5th     6th     7th     8th     

                                        Overall Final Grade:__________

Possible points in each category:                               Possible Spirit Points:
7 – Mastery                                             2 – Varsity Cheerleader
6 – Proficient                                          1- JV Cheerleader
5- Needs Improvement                                    0- Cut from the team
4- No work was done