Course Objectives

This course is designed to give you the opportunity to create drawings, floor plans and three dimensional structures for a variety of architectural projects.  We will focus on understanding the principles of one and two point perspective which will be applied to both abstract and realistic lessons.  Basic elements and principles of design and their impact on architedctural struture will underlie all work.  A variety of materials will be presented and explored for each project.  Assessments will follow the completion of each project. Critiques, both class and small group will be integrated into each class assignment.

By following the guidelines below, your time in the studio will be successful, productive and maybe even the best part of your day!
Be personally invested. Participate and stay focused during your time in the studio.  Contribute to the class in an appropriate manner and maintain a willingness to learn.  The quality of your experience depends on your active presence, initiative, attitude and time management.
Be prepared and on time.  Come in to the studio, check the board for notes, stay focused and ready to work when the class begins. Homework will relate to and enhance class work.  It must be completed and turned in on time because it is necessary to progress to the next step of class work..
Treat the classroom  and your space respectfully.  Listen carefully, clean up after yourself and help your table mates.  Please put materials in designated spaces upon completion and keep your personal art organized. Do not interrupt another student being helped unless it is a medical emergency. Be “other-centered”. Remaining positive and honest in your comments to others will help to make the studio a safe and pleasant place.  You will be required to go beyond the easy first answers and be introspective, critical and courageous.
Save everything.   DO NOT THROW ANYTHING AWAY!  Studies and “mistakes” are sometimes great beginnings or inspiration for creating.  You will be provided a box and a cubby in which to store your work.  Keep them organized  and easy to access. Necessary supplies will be loaned to you--take care of them because missing materials will have to be replaced at the end of the school year.
Ask for extra help when you need it.  I am very happy to provide extra help in and out of class.  Just ask--that’s why I’m here!  Expect to spend some time working in the studio outside of class time this semester during a study or after school on designated days.
.Follow the grading guidelines carefully.   All work, will be graded according to specific criteria.  There will be due dates posted at the beginning of each assignment and students will have one week to complete an assignment outside of class after that date.  Work that is late will be marked down a full grade for each date that it is submitted late.

There are five standards that students consistently strive to exceed in this visual arts course.  

Standard 1: Communication and Expression:       
The artist conveys a specific message or intent (through his or her work).

Standard 2: Design, Layout, and Composition:    
The artist comprehends and makes strong compositional layout, and design     choices.

Standard 3: Materials, Tools, and Techniques:
The artist utilizes materials, tools, and techniques properly and consistently and considers their overall craftsmanship.

Standard 4: Critique and Reflection:  
The artist expresses intentions and processes, and gives appropriate and constructive feedback to his or her peers.      

Standard 5: Professionalism:  
The artist conducts him or herself in a professional manner
*** Passing in all assignments IN FULL and homework, on time, is a basic expectation of this course.  ***

Your final grade will be based on the successful completion of the process, the prep assignments, the larger long term assignments and assessments, and your professionalism in this course.    All assignments will be given with a list of criteria needed for the assignment to be completed successfully so that you know exactly what will be expected of you.
In the case of an absence, you’re responsible for making up work after school or at home.